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International Conference on "Nora and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia" , March 28, 2023: Call for Abstract and Paper

              Center of Excellence on Women and Social Security (CEWSS) has been continuously striving as a spearhead in bridging the knowledge gap on critical social issues, namely democratization, social security, the socio-cultural phenomena in southern Thailand, and gender equality and diversity through enhancing the network of cooperation among both national and international scholars.
              The CEWSS has organized the annual international conference with the faith that the seminar will not only generates a fruitful knowledge-exchanging platform for students, researchers, lecturer, and interested participants but will also contribute to the betterment of academic cooperation among the prestige universities worldwide and all involved parties. The crucial phenomenon which inspired our conference’s theme for this year is the registration of “Nora”, the reputable local performing art of Southern Thailand which has a shared cultural root in Southeast Asia, as the world’s intangible heritage.
              Besides being the imminent traditional performance, Nora also represents and reflects the opulence of the Southern Thai cultural heritages which should be further promoted both in academic and economic dimension to the global arena. Therefore, the CEWSS decided to organize the 2023 seminar under the theme “Nora and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia”. With the supportive cooperation from our international collaborators, CEWSS hopes to once again generate and strengthen fruitful academic networks which would bridge the gap of knowledge on these socio-cultural issues.

Suggested Sub-Theme for Presenters

Multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary Nora studies:

- Interdisciplinary Studies of Nora studies

- Cultural Heritage Management

- Southern Thai and Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage

- Gender and Sexual Orientation in Performing Arts

- Cultural Heritage Information Management

- Methodologies and Critical Debates on Cultural Heritage

- Shared Cultural Roots of Nora and the Performance in Southeast Asia

Abstract and Full Paper Submission

- Papers must meet the word limit of 6,000-8,000 words along with an abstract of 300 words.

- Three to five keywords must be listed at the end of the abstract.

- The APA reference style is recommended.

- Submitted abstracts and papers are only accepted in Microsoft Word format.


Submit your abstract and full paper via .

Selected authors will be notified with an invitation letter via e-mail by 20 February 2023.

Registration Fee

- Students, 500 Baht

- Researchers, lecturers, and all interested participants, 800 Baht

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