WU Law students nationally placed among the Top 10 in 8th Moot Court Competition, Academic Year 2021 (Appeal cases)

     Students from School of Laws, Walailak University, nationally ranks top 10 in the class "the 8th MOOT COURT COMPETITION ACADEMIC YEAR 2021", Academic Year 2021, organized by Thammasat University in conjunction with Office of the Court of Justice Office of the Attorney General and Lawyers Council under the Royal Patronage between 29th July 2022 – 25th August 2022 at Thammasat University Bangkok. The team consists of Ms. Patcharaporn Chuai Sri, Mr. Detphon Sriwangkaew and Mr. Thanakorn Somonwat, 3rd year and 4th year students from School of Law, Walailak University. 

    Ms. Tinlaphas Choopan Jaiwan, Lecturer of the School of Law, revealed that Walailak University students can pass the Moot Court Competition Academic Year 2021 (Mock Court) in the first round, and become one of the 16 teams into the qualifying round. In the Second round in which the students had to write an appeal and an appeal defense as prosecutor and defendant's attorney and they scored 80 points out of 100 points, ranking 5th from 14 universities across the country. In this round of a competition match, Walailak University competed as a prosecutor and representatives from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce took a role of a defense attorney. 

     In the 3rd round in which the pairs had to compete to enter the national championship round, our students scored the highest at 531 out of 600, while the defense attorney scored behind 
Ms.Tinlaphas Choopan Jaiwan said further that when the scores in this final round, from the 16 teams across the country, Walailak University achieves a promising start at the 9th place. The results of the 12 universities with put in the score order from the highest to the lowest and the top four universities will advance to the next national championship round.

1. Thammasat University
2. Chulalongkorn University
3. Ramkhamhaeng University
4. Thaksin University
5. Chiang Mai University
6. Mae Fah Luang University
7. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
8. Valayalongkorn University
*9. Prince of Songkla University and Walailak University
10. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
11. Khon Kaen University
12. Srinakharinwirot University

News  by Cholthicha Limpiti 

Translated by Nootchanat Sukkaew 

Photo by: Dress rehearsal for the 8th MOOT COURT COMPETITION ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 at a Moot court room, Walailak University