Congratulations to WU lecturers and students of FUNTECH Center, winning Gold and Silver Medal Awards in the National Research Expo 2022 

WU teachers and students from the Center of Excellence in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology, Functional Materials & Nanotechnology Center of Excellence (FUNTECH), Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Walailak University, win gold and silver medal awards for Innovations in higher education (undergraduate level) in the National Research Expo 2022 (Thailand Research Expo 2022) at Central World, Bangkok during 1-5 August 2022 as follows:

     1) Gold Medal Award: awarded to Ms. Supawan Silpawisut, a student in Chemistry program, School of Science, the owner of the innovation “Syringe Extraction Device for Aromatic Contaminants in Water” supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Piyaluk Nurerk, Advisor
      The Syringe Extraction Device for Aromatic Contaminants in Water revolves around the development of environmentally-friendly sample preparation. The syringe extraction device contains material that is approximately 20 times more economical than the commercially available absorbents (costing approximately 100 baht). In addition, the device can be reused up to 21 times with its potential in creating added value of waste material. It can be easily prepared in the laboratory reducing the need for material imports from overseas. Most importantly, the device delivers high extraction efficiency of aromatic contaminants (89-98%) which can increase the measurement limit of analytical instruments by 30 times. The process can be applied to sample preparation of other contaminants in environment

2) Silver Medal Award: awarded to Ms. Natchaya Malarat, a student in Chemistry Program, School of Science, Walailak University, the owner of the innovation “the cation of the electrodes with activated carbon in coordination with gold nanoparticles for the determination of methyl paraben in cosmetics” supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Suchitra Phurahong, Advisor, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kotchaphan Kanjana, a lecturer participating in the project. 

        The cation of Electrochemical Sensor Using Activated Carb Gold Nanoparticles for Methylparaben Detection is a Chemical electrode developed with electrode surface improvement using activated carbon powder synthesized from palm leaf sheaths, an agricultural waste in conjunction with electrochemical adhesion of gold nanoparticles. At a standard condition, the analytical sensitivity was 3 times higher than the bare electrode with the measurement limit being lower than the maximum controlled dose in cosmetic products. In addition, it also has a measurement stability of more than 30 cycles which can reduce the limit of common electrodes on the market. Furthermore, it also generates high analytical accuracy. When applied to the quantification of Methylparaben in real samples, the results were found to be consistent with the standard method which is relatively more expensive, time consuming, and difficult to analyze. From the innovation can be further developed for commercial use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or dietary supplement industries commonly relying on preservatives in the paraben group.



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