Walailak University won the “Research to Market (R2M)” competition at the Regional-Level.

The Morekit team, Walailak University won first runner-up award in the Research to Market (R2M) contest at the southern level. The team is eligible to participate in the national competition as well! 

 The Morekit team, the owner of Trichophyton rubrum detection kit including Miss Jiratikarn Wiwan, Miss Patrawadee Lataekae and Miss Nassarin Bin-Ahmad, fourth-year students of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, School of Allied Health Sciences, Walailak University, with Miss Pornthita Phanayothakul, a first-year student of Business Administration Program in Digital Marketing and Branding, School of Management, with the support of her advisor, Assist. Prof. Sueptrakool Wisessombat PhD, lecturer of Medical Technology, was named the first runner-up in the 9th Research to Market (R2M) 2021 at the regional-level. 

The event was organized by Walailak Science Park. The team received 20,000 Baht as well as being eligible to participate in the national competition. Miss Jiratikarn Wiwan, the Morekit’s leader, explained that their Trichophyton rubrum detection kit is a simple ringworm detection test kit. The kit detects dermatophytosis by applying fungal biology knowledge to develop a culture media specific to Trichophyton rubrum, the fungus in which a contagion of ringworm occurs frequently. Furthermore, the product’s strength consists of their versatility and accuracy of investigating in Trichophyton rubrum up to 95.5% within 24 hours without an expert.  

Miss Wiwan went on to say that joining this event gave her new experiences from experts in various fields, not only medical knowledge, but also management and marketing who provided knowledge and advice and were ready to help no matter what problems she faced.


“We are overjoyed and would like to express our gratitude to our adviser, Assist. Prof. Sueptrakool Wisessombat, PhD., and say thank you to those involved in providing us this opportunity to reach our potential. Furthermore, without all of our members, it would be impossible to succeed in this competition,” Miss Wiwan said.

 Rewritten by Papada Sritheerawichai, School of Liberal Arts, English, the Division of Corporate Communication Cooperative Education student.