Food and Shops

The university acknowledged the important of the co-existence in the community and in the University also the important of a good health both physical and mental health, so the University has supported a services and welfares, one of the services are Food stores and Shops which the students have an important role to clarify and evaluate the shops.


Type of shops that are available

1. Minimart/Grocery store 2 shops
2. laundry service 2 shops
3. beauty salon and barber 1 shop
4. Stationary Store 1 shop
5. 7-11 Store 1 shop


Thai foods
Muslim foods
à la carte/Fast food and noodles
Beverage and Dessert
Fruit and Snack
northeastern food
Southern Food

3 canteen and food store are provided as a list below:

1. Canteen No. 4 (Beside the Computer Center)
Opening date: Monday - Friday (Close on Saturday and Sunday)
Opening time: 06.30 A.M. - 02.00 P.M.
2. Canteen No. 1 (Activiti\y building)
Opening date: Open every day including holiday
Opening time: 06.30 A.M. - 03.00 P.M.
3. Night Market
Opening date: Open every day including Holiday
Opening time: Monday - Friday 05.00 P.M. - 12.00 A.M.
Saturday - Sunday 12.00 P.M. - 12.00 A.M.
To make all service shops meet the need of the customer, so we have a shops and services evaluation by using the questionnaire which allows students to comment each shop
For the night market, we have  2 supervision zones separate to university supervision (14 shops) and local Stalls (40 shops) which under the supervision and manage by Students from Student Council. 60% of the income will be used as a budget for Student Council to held a Students Activity and 40% will use as a public utility expense of the night market