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Walailak University Hospital

  Walailak University has opened Walailak University Hospital at Research Institute for health science building to serve University Employee, Students and the general public and also support the education, research, Academic services to Health science school of the University. The Walailak University hospital has been open on 24th February 2017. Follow by the Walailak University hospital construction policy on 2010, the government have allocated the budget for contraction in the amount of 5,600 million baht on the area of 648,000 sq.m. and start construction around March 2016. the hospital will have 7 building which is Building A, B, C, D, E and F the estimated time that the construction will be finish is in 2019. The hospital are designed to support patient for more than 1,000,000 person/year after that construction finished on 2019 and will be ready for open for service in 2020 and will have amount of the patient bed 750 bed and will opening for service in the first stage which will have a health service in a Complex diseases and use the highest medical device and Educate and research by using these technology including establish 4 Center of Excellence service which is 1. Heart Center 2. Cancer Center 3. Skin Center 4. Elderly Center and will be the center for transfer the patient from other hospitals in the north part of the south of Thailand.