Laboratories and Lecture Rooms



Science Laboratories In addition to the existing research facilities for faculty members, the University operates modern, fully-equipped science laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate research programs in science and technology. Research facilities are also provided for academic service activities. All laboratories also provide an online computer and video conferencing system to facilitate long-distance teaching and learning activities. Health Science Laboratories One of the university missions is to produce intellectual health sciences graduates to serve community needs. In pursuit of this mission, the university provides health sciences laboratories to facilitate students of health science and nursing. Moreover, anatomy lab is also available with well-equipped for medical students in their pursuit of anatomical knowledge. Computer Laboratories State-of-the-art online computers and laptops (with Wi-Fi hi-speed wireless internet access) are available on the campus area to support the University’s teaching and learning as well as training and research activities. Lecture Rooms The University provides modern teaching facilities, with air-conditioned, lecture rooms equipped with modern teaching technologies, including visualizers, PowerPoint projection facilities and online computers.