Walailak University signs an MOU with Jilin University, China




School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University collaborates with Jilin University in China and signs an MOU, improving Chinese language pedagogical development. 

Recently, Associate Professor Surin Maisrikrod, Acting Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University, and Prof. Zhang Conghao, Dean of the College of Humanities, Jilin University, signed an MOU for improving Chinese language pedagogical development. The occasion was witnessed by administrators from both institutions through video conferencing (Zoom Meeting) at  Khaoluang Meeting room, Cooperative Education Building. 

Associate Professor Surin stated that the MOU was proceeded under “The mutual higher education cooperation between Thailand and China.” The project’s key responsibilities for continuing the requirements of The Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) include creating national Chinese language proficiency standards, supporting the provision of teaching resources, and administering worldwide Chinese language education projects like the short-term seminar for Chinese language lecturers, the "Chinese Plus," as well as promoting scientific research.

Since Jilin University lecturers are experts in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, lecturers from both universities can be exchange lecturers to enhance educational efficiency in the future. Significantly, students from Walailak University in the Chinese program will get the option to travel to China to improve their Chinese language skills.


Rewritten by Akkapong Pakjan, School of Liberal Arts, the Division of Corporate Communication Cooperative Education student.