WU students' team, "Tricho-Orga-Soi" earned the gold award in higher education innovation

"Tricho-Orga-Soil" from Walailak University received two awards: "Gold medal" and "Very good award" in the higher education innovations 2021 at Thailand Research Expo 2021, and received a prize of 15,000 baht, along with a gold medal, trophy, and certificate.


Mr. Rittikrai Masmek, a member of Tricho-orga-soil, stated that he was very proud to be a representative of Walailak University to participate in the national competition. The production was named "Tricho-Orga-Soil”, and developed the regular soil into a special protective soil which generated plant immunity. It is genuinely necessary for farmers who are facing the problem of weak plants and inferior quality. Furthermore, Tricho-orga-soil is also a soil that is rich in all essential nutrients, so it could protect plants from the first step to the final step. Besides, it contains Trichoderma NST-009 that also prevents fungal diseases.

“Importantly, we have received a great opportunity in the national level competition. There is a student network for students from different universities, who share interest in the same field, and I am overjoyed to be a part of the network. In addition, I feel grateful for the faculty for all the hard work and continued efforts that they have made in my education. Thank you to Warin Intana, PhD,  the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry, Science Park Walailak University, Walai Biocontrol Co., Ltd., and Division of Corporate Communication along with those involved who are always there to support us. Finally, thank you everyone for sending kind messages and supporting us through Facebook by pressing like & share," said Mr. Rittikrai.


Rewritten by Papada Sritheerawichai and Akkapong Pakjan, School of Liberal Arts, the Division of Corporate Communication Cooperative Education student.