Walailak University Receives Second Patent regarding Improving the Durability of Rubberwood by Boiling in Hot Water Under Pressure

Walailak University congratulates Associate Professor Dr. Nirundorn Matan, from the Department of Petrochemistry and Polymer, School of Engineering and Technology, and Head of the Center of Excellence in Wood and Biomaterials, along with Mr. Taweesin Wongprot, a scientist from Center for Scientific and Technological Equipment, on the occasion of their research on Improving the Durability of Rubberwood by Boiling in Hot Water Under Pressure, officially being granted a patent by the Department of Intellectual Property on 2 October 2023. This patent marks the second for Associate Professor Dr. Nirundorn Matan and Walailak University.

The research focuses on enhancing the durability of rubberwood against decay caused by fungi and insects. The method involves boiling rubberwood in water under pressure, creating a moisture-saturated environment by compressing water into the wood. Heat is then applied to the pressurized water using steam, raising the water temperature in the compression chamber to a range of 140-160 degrees Celsius. This temperature is maintained for a period between 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the boiling temperature and thickness of the wood.

Throughout the heating process, it is crucial to maintain the water pressure in the compression chamber to ensure the water remains in a liquid state continuously. Afterward, the temperature and pressure of the water are gradually reduced while controlling the cooling rate to be lower than 3 degrees Celsius per minute to prevent wood cracking. Once the water is released from the compression chamber, the wood is removed and subjected to further processing to achieve the desired moisture content through a rubber wood drying process.

Previously in 2020, the research on Continuous Wood Stress Measurement Set addressed issues of wood cracking during drying and reducing production costs by Associate Professor Dr. Nirundorn Matan received a patent, marking the first patent for Walailak University.